Dates: Wednesday 16th February, 2nd, 16thth & 30th March 2022

Time: 3.30pm

via Zoom

The first of four zoom meetings takes place on Wednesday 16th February at 3.30pm.  This will be hosted by Justin Thacker of Christian Aid.  Subsequent meetings will be co hosted by Domitien and Louis from Burundi and Fiona.
The first meeting will be a chance for us to get to know church members from Burundi.  As we introduce ourselves we will be asked to say a little about what our first and surnames mean.  Names often have significance, and it will help us understand a little of our cultural context.  To help our sharing, we are asked to bring  and talk about an object we use in our daily lives. It could be something we use at home or work (a favourite mug; a planner); it could be something from our devotional life (a bible; a candle); it could just be a picture hanging on the wall. 
In the following meetings we will look at passages of scripture together and learn from each other, be equipped to speak out about issues of justice from a place of shared experience, and strengthen our collective voices as the body of Christ in the world.  These meetings will take place on 2nd, 16th and 30th March.
Fiona took part in the trial meetings and found them to be rich and very rewarding, opening new insights into familiar scriptures as they are read in different contexts.
To join please email Fiona on Fiona will email the link to you, and any information you might need.