Located in the market place in the heart of the medieval city of Norwich, St Peter Mancroft is the largest of the city's 31 surviving medieval parish churches and one of the finest perpendicular parish churches in Norfolk.  It is known for its medieval stained glass, its collection of medieval and renaissance treasures and its importance as a pioneering tower in the uniquely English art of change-ringing on church bells.

John Wesley (1703-1791), on his visit to Norwich, came into St Peter Mancroft and wrote in his diary:

“I scarcely remember ever to have seen a more beautiful parish church; the more so because its beauty results not from foreign ornaments, but from the very fine form and structure of it. It is very large, and of uncommon height, and the sides are almost all window: so that it has an awful and venerable look, and at the same time surprisingly cheerful.”


Photo of a roof boss